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M8053 Series

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Miniature, High Density, Dual Output, DC/DC Converters (up to 125W)
Series Catalog Page (pdf)
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MPS can customize this product, including inputs, outputs and mechanics to your requirements.

Model Input Output#1 Output#2
M8053-1 18 to 70V 5V/10A 5V/10A
M8053-2 18 to 70V 12V/4.5A 12V/4.5A
M8053-3 18 to 70V 15V/4A 15V/4A
M8053-4 18 to 70V 24V/2.5A 24V/2.5A
M8053-5 18 to 70V 28V/2A 28V/2A
M8053-6 18 to 70V 28V/3A 28V/1A
M8053-7 18 to 70V 12V/0.024A 12V/0.166A
M8053-8 18 to 70V 28V/1A 12V/2A
M8053-9 18 to 70V 18V/3.4A 28V/0.7A
M8053-10 18 to 70V 25V/2.9A 25V/2.9A
M8053-11 18 to 70V 25V/1.6A 25V/1.6A
M8053-12 18 to 70V 5V/1A 5V/1A
M8053-13 18 to 70V 27V/2A 27V/2A
M8053-14 18 to 36V 15V/4A 15V/4A
M8053-15 18 to 36V 12V/4.5A 12V/4.5A
M8053-16 18 to 36V 15V/4A 15V/4A
M8053-17 18 to 36V 5V/10A 12V/2A
M8053-17SL 18 to 36V 5V/10A 12V/2A
M8053-18 18 to 70V 15V/6A 5V/4.5A
M8053-19 18 to 70V 15V/6A 5V/7A
M8053-20 18 to 70V 15V/0.5A -15V/0.5A
M8053-22 18 to 70V 12V/8.5A 12V/1.5A
M8053-23 18 to 70V 18V/3A -18V/3A
M8053-25 18 to 75V 15V/3A 12V/3A
M8053-26 18 to 70V 5V/5A -12V/3A
M8053-27 18 to 70V 28V/2A 5V/2A
M8053-28 18 to 70V 15V/1.5A 5.3V/3A
M8053-29 18 to 70V 9V/5A -9V/5A
M8053-31 18 to 70V 5V/8A 3.3V/6A
M8053-33 18 to 70V 12.8V/5A 28V/2A
M8053-34 12 to 40V 5V/1A 9V/4A*
M8053-35B 18 to 70V 22V/4A 7V/5A
M8053-36 18 to 70V 5V/10A 15V/5A
M8053-37 18 to 70V 5.15V/9A 28V/2.8A**
M8053-38 18 to 70V 12V/2.5A 10.8V/9A
M8053-39 20 to 36V 9V/7A -19V/3A
M8053-40 20 to 36V 9V/1A 19V/4A
M8053-41 18 to 70V 15V/5A -5V/4A
M8053-42 12 to 40V 5V/2.2A 9V/4A***
M8053-43 18 to 70V 12V/5A 5V/4A
M8053-44 18 to 70V 5V/6A 15V/4A
M8053-45 40 to 62V 6V/12A 9V/3.5A
M8053-47 18 to 70V 24V/3A 15V/3A
M8053-48 18 to 70V 24V/4.16A 8V/0.125A
M8053-49 18 to 70V 5V/5A 15V/6.6A
M8053-51 18 to 70V 5V/2A 16V/5A
M8053-52 18 to 70V 12V/5A 5V/5A

* 14A for 10mSec
** 3.3A, C.L.=3.6A
*** 13A for 14mSec

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